The Network has remained true to its Mission Statement by successfully implementing a number of initiatives over the past year, all of which provide substantial benefits to its existing and new members:

Knowledge Sharing & Education

  • Monthly meetings. Members meet monthly to share experiences, discuss specific sustainability topics, and solve problems.
  • Case Study Library. Members use an online system to record sustainability case studies and projects their firms are undertaking. Members can view other firms’ case studies to learn from and discuss these case studies during the monthly meetings.
  • Knowledge Bank. Members have access to an online Knowledge Bank of sustainability-related information, both to contribute to and to reference.
  • Task Forces. Members form smaller interest-focused groups and to address specific goals and objectives beyond the regular meetings.
  • Informative Webinars. Members have participated in presentations covering such topics as:
    • Environmentally Friendly Paper
    • Sustainability Programs of the ABA and State Bars
    • Carbon-Footprinting a Law Firm
  • Monthly Meetings, Case Studies & Knowledge Bank. The knowledge-sharing initiatives have provided excellent educational experiences for all Network members.  Members appreciate the opportunity to talk to and learn from other firms with similar issues and concerns.

Standards & Benchmarks 

  • Law Firm Environmental Benchmark Survey. Members anonymously participate in an online survey that captures essential characteristics of their firm’s sustainability programs and initiatives. Members can view the results and statistics of all other participating firms enabling them to measure their own progress and benchmark themselves against their peer firms. This is the only known such benchmarking system currently available to U.S. law firms.
  • American Legal Industry Sustainability Standards (ALISS). The Network is developing the ALISS Rating System. The Standard measures a firm’s sustainability efforts and awards them a rating based on the results. ALISS will be implemented as an online system and is intended to become the definitive standard by which law firms benchmark themselves against their peers.
  • Best Practices. Through a combination of the LSFN’s educational and knowledge-sharing initiatives, member firms have become aware of and learned how to implement the best practices of sustainability within their firms. In the future the ALISS standard will be developed further to define the minimum standards and best practices that all member firms should strive for.

PR & Relationship Building

  • Articles. The Network has had articles printed in the New York Law Journal and Environmental Forum publications and will continue to produce new articles as opportunities arise. Network members are regularly approached through the Network to provide quotes for these articles.
  • PR Task Force. The Network has its own dedicated PR Task Force whose purpose is to promote the network and identify new press opportunities to benefit its members. 
  • ABA & State Bars. The network is actively engaging a number of State Bars to discuss common goals and initiatives and is keen to work with the ABA to promote a common national sustainability standard for the U.S. legal industry.
  • Collaborations. The Network was approached by the UK and Australia-based Legal Sector Alliance about forming a global partnership, and we are actively working with these organizations to provide Network members with even more benefits.  The Network continues to seek opportunities to partner with other organizations serving the legal industry.
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 Business Case

“The Network’s founding members have developed a comprehensive tool kit that allows members to review their current sustainability initiatives, and also easily identify areas for introducing additional sustainable practices. The Sustainability Survey allows members to self-evaluate and rank their internal practices, and benchmark against other member firms.  In addition, the Network’s periodic webinars are a great platform for exploring new options, and exchanging best practices ideas.”

John S. Kirk, CLM,
Chief Operating Officer,
Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP

“Kilpatrick Townsend is excited to be a part of the LFSN because it provides us with the opportunity to connect with other firms who are committed to sustainability.  In an industry where competition is fierce, it is refreshing to be among professionals who are willing to share best practices with one another so we can all do a better job, and ultimately lessen the impact we have on the environment.”

Whitney Deal,
Director, Corporate Citizenship,
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP